We are students

We are a team of student leaders who believe that we can do more together than as individuals. Our goal is to change the world one semester at a time by encouraging continuous growth, sharing ideas, and building a community. Imagine We Could is a space meant to empower people to show up unapologetically by sharing authentic and real content.

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"Brilliance in the Simple Things"

Continuous growth

Growth isn’t a final objective – it’s an ongoing process. No matter your age or knowledge or background, there is still an opportunity for growth...enormous growth.

Sizable ideas

A great idea may start small but evolve into a big idea – or a big idea might start big and still undergo tremendous growth.  Ideas aren’t constrained by size, and great ideas truly do come from anywhere.


It takes a village.  You might feel like you’re alone in your journey, but you’re not.  We’ve all been there too, and we’re here to help.