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About Us

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College Friends


We are a team of student leaders who believe that we can do more together than as individuals. Our purpose is to change the world one semester at a time by encouraging continuous growth, sharing sizeable ideas, and building a community of ambitious GenZers.


As a team, we are working together as one to change the world. Each semester, students work towards empowering one another to be creative and grow their leadership skills through thinking of a world they wish to see.

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Continuous Growth

Growth is an ongoing process, not a final objective. Regardless of your age, knowledge, or background, there is still an opportunity for growth... and lots of it.

Sizeable ideas

We want you to know that no idea is too small or too big. Ideas aren't constrained by size and great ideas truly do come from anywhere. Learn to embrace your ideas, regardless of their size.


Here, we strive to build community. It takes a village, not just one person. At times you may feel like you're alone on your journey, but you're not. We've all been there too, and that's why we're here to help.