Simplistic Joy... 

Focusing on the things that can truly bring joy into your life can make you feel happier. The best part of this is that you can find these things by simply looking at your life and focusing on the small things. That's why we are working to help you all find the brilliance in the simple things. Lets get started and #FindJoy

Here's how we're exploring the simple things:

Making the most of summer

Coffee in Bed

Developing an effective routine

Friends Taking Pictures Together

Being in the present moment

Meditating on Bed

Learning meditation and mindfulness

Exploring the Streets

Exploring the city around us

Organic Garden

Finding simplicity through gardening


Seeing the benefits of gratitude


Finding new hobbies

Young Man Cooking

Simplifying your life, less is more

Man with Guitar

Finding peace and healing in nature

Tell us how you're finding the brilliance in the simple things and how you #FindJoy!


In the past, we have tackled the negative effects that photoshopping and editing images on social media have on mental health. We've promoted sustainable living practices to help stop climate change. We also wanted to make a difference in the corporate world by advocating for the employees who are sick and tired of the basic 9 to 5 and other issues corporate culture pushes. Now, we look to support a healthier community through simple initiatives like taking a walk.