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10 Productive Ways to Use Your Phone

Nowadays we spend so much time on our phone it is often the first thing we use in the morning and last thing we touch before going to bed. With technology everywhere, it can be difficult to stay away from it so instead why not be more intentional with your uses. Here are 10 productive ways you can use your phone:

1. Take a book on the go

Reading has never been easier, with ebook and audiobooks you can now carry your stories with you on the go. Not only are books an educational tool but they have been proven to be mood boosters and improve mental health in the long run.

2. Learn a language

Whether you decide to use a language learning app or watch videos in a different language, your phone is a great tool to integrate language learning into your daily life.

3. Explore your city

Has it been awhile since you’ve touched grass? Instead of mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, plan your next fun day out and explore some places in your local community!

4. Expand your recipe book

Cooking is a great at-home activity, and with your phone, you have millions of recipes on hand. Try a new recipe to satisfy your cravings, enjoy the season through seasonal ingredients, or try new dishes you’ve never heard of before!

5. Send gratitude texts to your friends and family

In today’s busy world, we often forget to say thank you to those who have stayed with us. Showing your appreciation to the people close to you is a great way to remind them of the impact they have had and stay true to the main purpose of phones: communication!

6. Discover a new music artist

With endless music streaming services available, finding new music has never been easier. Take the time to stray away from your comfort zone and listen to something new. Bonus points if you share it with your friends!

7. Capture scenic images

Today, nearly every phone has a camera that gives you the ability to take pictures anywhere you are! Take a walk in the park and find yourself capturing the beauties of nature.

8. Utilize your calendar

Whether you're in school or work, things can get messy when you start having to juggle different classes or meetings. To organize things, use a calendar to schedule and note down everything. Having an organized calendar schedule will cause less stress and help you be ready for your day.

9. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts have become a very popular hobby. Many famous and intelligent people are creating these podcasts to share their experiences and opinions. This is a great way for people to learn from smart people.

10. Organize your device

There are countless applications on a phone. Having them organized with folders makes it so much easier to navigate your device. Also, cleaning emails and voicemails is a great way to stay up to date and cut down on unnecessary storage being used.

Phone usage often has a negative connotation as it is associated with unproductiveness and while there are studies showing phone usage can be distracting, they can also be used productively to add value to our days.

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