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3 Great Spots to “Get Away” in The City

Want some awesome places to observe brilliance in the simple things on/near our beautiful campus? Look no further, as we compiled four of our favorite spots into this guide.

The Mall

Within the heart of East Bank, The Mall is a popular location for students to spend time outdoors. A large grassy patch near Walter Library and Northrop, The Mall hosts a wide variety of individuals, from frisbee players to studiers to those simply laying in the sun. This is the perfect location to observe the simplicity of life, as it is a great spot for reading, people watching, meditating, or whatever your heart desires!

Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge is not too far from campus and is a major Minneapolis landmark. It’s a gorgeous spot within walking distance of Dinky Town residents. The bridge is surrounded by parks which offer fantastic views of the city skyline. Whether it’s a cool winter evening, or a warm summer morning, the bridge's views of the city skyline do not disappoint. The historic bridge runs right over the Mississippi River connecting the East Bank to the city center with a more scenic route. Plenty of dogs walk down the bridge's path, which is an added bonus as well and a potential added stress reliever. Taking a walk down the bridge is a fantastic way to clear your mind or just to get a nice breath of fresh air.

Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls is another great spot that is close to campus. The park is full of great hiking trails, making it a great place to escape the stress of the city. The park can be pretty busy at times, but there is no shortage of quiet places to sit and be mindful in nature. You could also view this beautiful view from a picturesque stone bridge. The name is inspired from the Dakota, Native American’s word “Waterfall”, and it was always misspelled “Minnehaha”.

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