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3 Twin Cities Attractions For Your Spring

As we begin our transition out of winter hibernation, sometimes we need some inspiration to get out and about on a consistent basis. Lucky for us the Twin Cities has plenty to offer. We have put together a few fun ways to get out and explore the city in the coming months.

Minnehaha Falls

Hiking is quite possibly one of the best ways to get outside and explore the area in which you live. Minneapolis and its surrounding areas have plenty to offer for various trails and parks that are not too rigorous for even someone who has little experience.

Because the hiking trails in the area are not hard to traverse, all you will need for footwear is a sturdy pair of tennis shoes. For someone who plans to do more hiking, or goes off the beaten path, there are plenty of options for quality hiking boots. REI has a great variety of hiking boots and shoes at a range of different price points.

One of our favorite spots to explore is Minnehaha Falls. With various trails, a waterfall, and even a nice spot to get in the water when it’s nice enough, Minnehaha Falls has something for everyone. The park also features a restaurant/shop, bike rentals, and sometimes other random events/music. The best part about the falls is that it’s an activity that can be done solo or with a group. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the cool places people may travel to on social media, but sometimes the most beautiful places can be right around the corner.

Yoga in The Park (Minneapolis Sculpture Garden)

Yoga is another great way to get your body active this spring with little to no purchases required. You can find very affordable yoga mats at places like Target or Marshall’s, or if you’re like me and didn’t want to buy one, you get outside (as weather permits) and use a blanket. The beauty of yoga is that regardless of fitness level and experience, all you need is an 8x8 foot space and someone to follow along with.

One awesome way to do yoga is to join in on Yoga At The Park at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The Twin Cities Yoga Cooperative runs sessions throughout the Spring/Summer where anyone from any level can come and enjoy yoga at the Sculpture Garden. Not only do you get to receive the benefits of exercising, but you also get to enjoy doing it as a part of a group in a beautiful setting.

I personally have never partaken in this specific event, but after my first couple of times doing yoga the best way, I could describe how I felt after was that I was calm yet awake and alert. I felt the same alertness of doing a workout, but because of the focused breathing and mindfulness, I also felt very relaxed. So as the weather continues to get warmer, consider finding joining the Twin Cities Yoga Co-Op this Spring.

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are not hard to come by in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. With multiple scattered around the city, these could easily become a staple to your Sunday routine with some friends.

Farmers Markets are fantastic ways to support local sellers and become exposed to all sorts of talented artists. With such a wide variety of things being sold, from handmade jewelry to fresh produce and anything in between, the opportunities are endless to walk away with something unique each time.

With the Minneapolis and Saint Paul Farmers Markets starting up in April this can be a simple way to get out and enjoy the city while benefitting the local community.

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1 Comment

Ben Rosenow
Ben Rosenow
Mar 28, 2022

Neat! Definitely gonna make a stop over at a farmer's market when it gets warmer out!

-Ben Rosenow

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