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3 ways to shop sustainably to decrease fast fashion

As fast fashion is becoming more popular everyday, it's important to remember the negative impacts it has and think of alternate ways you can purchase clothes and other unique items.

The price for you're fast fashion items may not be all that worth it, so here are 3 ways you can shop sustainably to slow fast fashion.

1) Thrift Stores

Reducing, reusing, and recycling clothing can be accomplished by shopping at a local thrift store. The benefits of thrift shopping include...

Reducing Waste: Efforts are being made to reduce the amount of clothing that would otherwise end up in landfills

Reusing: Rather than donating old clothes that aren't in great condition, use them as rags or drop cloths instead

Recycling: Bring clothing that you no longer wear to the thrift store as a donation.

Many great finds can be found at thrift stores at reasonable prices. With the prices being so low, stocking up large amounts of clothing may be tempting; however, it is important to wear and love these pieces. As part of being able to shop at thrift stores, one should also recognize the privilege associated with this choice. When it comes to shopping second hand, some individuals may not have a choice. While thrifting, it is important to remain focused in order not to overbuy and to be respectful of others sharing the same experience.

2) Local Boutiques

Shopping locally offers much more than just the convenience and quick delivery of items. The act of buying locally not only boosts the economy and benefits local schools and charities, but is also beneficial for the environment. Shopping locally:

Keeps money in your community: Buy local and the small business you support will certainly benefit, but the benefits keep rising. It is likely that a successful small business will hire more people, who will then spend more money locally.

Is better for the environment: You typically have to make a lot of effort to get your item delivered, whether you buy it online or at a major chain store. Fuel is burned up and pollution is caused when trucks haul products across the country.

Offers more diverse choices: The experience of buying locally is quite different from that of buying from fast fashion shops. There are many small businesses in your community that offer a true connection with customers and a true understanding of their visitors' needs.

3) Secondhand Applications

You can fine one-of-a-kind purchases, occasionally vintage/valuable brands. It also gives you a chance to test out trends/styles before investing in them, sometimes even under $5 an item can allow you to be adventurous with your new style. You can sell your own clothes for a profit, as well as purchasing clothing items from other people diversifying your closet. This will insure your clothes are being reused and none of it is going to waste.

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