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4 easy-to-do activities you can do right now!!

1. Yoga

Not only can yoga be beneficial to your physical health, but also to your mental health. Yoga can increase your flexibility and muscle strength. Yoga can also improve your respiration, energy, and circulatory health. Yoga is great for injury prevention and increased athletic performance.

An added bonus you can include into your yoga routine is meditation and breathing work. In doing so, you can set up or finish your day with mental clarity and calmness, increased body awareness, a relaxed mind, and sharper concentration.

Try incorporating yoga into your schedule 2-3 days a week for 15 min by yourself or go to a local yoga studio with a friend! Notice the change and improvements made to your brain and body!

Some of our favorite yoga instructors and video links can be found under the healthy habits tab!

2. Biking

Also great for your physical health, biking can save time and give you the opportunity to explore what the Twin Cities has to offer. Ranked 4th best city for biking, Minneapolis has trails for days and can get you from downtown to your favorite grocery store without ever having to worry about cars or other traffic. There is also plenty of space to bike around campus as well. Whether you bike to class or just want to bike around and explore campus, biking is a great way to experience all the U of M has to offer. Additionally, biking also is great for improving your mental wellbeing as it is very helpful to help boost your mood or clear your headspace - making you feel calmer and happier than before.

3. Goodwill

Looking to find the next new (or old) thing?? Check out your local Goodwill. There are four locations just off of the light rail stops in Minneapolis and St. Paul and you can find literally anything there. By shopping at a Goodwill or thrift store you are extending the use of reusable items and can help minimize the amount of unnecessary waste that is dumped into landfills.

Goodwill shopping is also much cheaper than normal clothing stores so not only will you be keeping the environment clean, but you can do it by saving your own money at the same time and can help you ease your financial stress! Starting a new hobby has never been easier and also you can cure your shopping bug without having to travel all the way to the Mall of America…whoooo!

Especially for all of us U of M students, we can take the light rail anywhere and at any time so go help the environment and explore what the Twin Cities have to offer without spending a dime!

4. Board Games, Puzzles & CD’s OH MY!!

Looking to try and be the coolest kid in class? Finding the most hip music or knowing how to win at any board game every time. Go to Goodwill, buy a board game for 4 bucks and have a chill Sunday evening with your friends.

You can also crank the tunes by buying a CD for only $1 Dollar. And if you don’t have a CD player, look around the Goodwill on University Ave…I think I spotted one for 7 bucks…not bad.

All of these activities are relaxing and involve zero screen-time, which is something we all should cut back on ;)

What's Your Favorite Activity?

  • Yoga

  • Biking

  • Taking a Trip to Goodwill

  • Playing Board Games

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