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5 Ways to Be More Authentic on Instagram

Oftentimes, we feel pressure from societal norms to look and act a certain way on Instagram causing us to lose sight of who we are. Below we have compiled a list of ways to be your true, authentic self on social media.

1. Share your hobbies, interests and thoughts with the world

Social media has a tendency to create a virtual self that is different from your actual self. You can help bridge that gap by sharing your real thoughts, interests and hobbies with the world. Too often people post a picture with a meaningless caption for likes that doesn’t reflect your identity. Post stuff that is actually relevant to who you are and have captions that reflect your real voice. Doing this will make your social media presence resemble who you actually are in person.

2. Record your real day using your social media as a diary

Social media is a great tool to record your precious moments. This is the time to have a habit of filling your account with what represents you and recording your daily natural life. Any topic is fine. Share what you ate today, trails, happy moments, or sad moments. You can talk about the Mid-Autumn Festival or yesterday’s Liverpool’s soccer game yesterday. Let others know about the real you. This habit will serve as an opportunity to look back on your life and develop yourself. The more confident and honest posts are, the richer your life will be.

3. Limit the use of heavy editing.

Putting measures on- To what extent a post on social media is allowed to be edited is sensitive. Often users post/share content that is heavily altered to gain attention. With that scenario of heavy edits, the essence of originality is replaced. Edits may portray an evolved version of the original content, whether it's a picture taken in the wild or any media shot. Scaling content level while posting on social media may be associated with the group of followers a user has. Those users who do not resonate with heavy edits often find social media content of their style and taste. Considering the group of users who do not encourage heavy edits, content creators must cater to such groups by limiting edits. Also, use of appropriate equipment such as high-resolution cameras; better mobile devices with high standard camera features for content creation will help creators to limit edits.

4. Turn off the “like count” on your photos.

Instagram recently released a new feature to the app that allows you to hide the amount of likes and views you receive on your posts. App users also have the option to hide like and view counts on all posts they see on their feed. Instagram believes that this feature will reduce the amount of pressure that some social media users feel due to a desire to gain a certain amount of likes or comparing their amount of likes to other users. This feature also may reduce some users feeling of needing to edit their posts to look a certain way for approval from others. If you want to activate this feature, simply go to your Instagram settings, next “privacy”, and then “posts”. This page will allow you to hide your feed likes and your own.

5. Create and share original content

Try to create your own style and image either aesthetically or through audience engagement. You should post content which reflects your real and true personality, not something that isn’t true to you. In order to reflect upon your true self, content should be tailored to what you enjoy spending time doing. Original content that reflects who you are as a person is peak authenticity. This will deepen the connection with your audience and let your real personality shine. Go with what you're drawn to and build on that to create your own unique style.

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