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A Guide to Finding Peace in Nature During Spring

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Our minds are always thinking too much, too fast, and too far ahead. Being able to slow down and enjoy undisturbed beauty is something many people take for granted. Ralph Waldo Emerson, a poet and essayist who often wrote on nature, commented: “Lose yourself in nature and find peace.” By connecting to nature, you are able to improve your mental and physical health in a number of ways. Spring offers simple ways to achieve these benefits.

Going on a nature scavenger hunt

Oftentimes, finding a way to enjoy nature through going on walks or exploring parks can seem mundane or boring for some. But being present in nature and carefully observing your surroundings can serve as a great mindfulness exercise. One way to make this more enjoyable is through a nature scavenger hunt, and there is no better time to do this than the Spring.

First, choose a new park or another outdoor location to explore. Some great options in the Twin Cities area include Boom Island Park, Mill Ruins Park, and Silverwood Park in St. Anthony. But this practice can even be done in your backyard.

Next, make a list of objects to look for. This could be any object you could find outdoors, from an ant hill to a fallen down tree.

Then venture out to your desired location and look for the objects on your list. With this list in mind, you will be able to be much more mindful of your surroundings. This practice can help you find peace and improve your ability to be present in your daily life.

Drawing and painting at the park

For those who enjoy the arts, Spring is the perfect time to go outside and draw inspiration from the fresh green leaves and blossoming flowers. Go to your nearest Target or Michaels where you’ll find a variety of canvases, pencils, paint and more. Once you have your artistic tools, head to your favorite park and let your surroundings fuel your creativity.

A great park to go to is the Knoll, located on the University of Minnesota campus. You are able to get inspiration from all the trees, flowers, university buildings and students who walk by. To make the experience even more enjoyable, you can plug in your favorite album and let your creative juices flow while you enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.

Visiting Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

If you are looking for a day full of adventure, education, and beauty, you should look into spending your time in Como Park Zoo & Conservatory. Como park is one of the most well known parks in the Twin Cities. People of all ages come to the park to enjoy a wide variety of activities that are provided.

One can walk around the Zoo and enjoy the company of different exotic animals like gorillas and giraffes. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a tropical rainforest right in the middle of Minnesota! The stunning conservatory gardens include seasonal flower shows, tropical gardens, orchids, ferns, bonsai, and a world renowned Japanese Garden. Immerse yourself in the magical word of plants and take a break from the stresses in your life.

After you enjoy some of the more unique activities in the park, you can partake in one of the many classes and programs offered at Como that are centered on education around nature conservation and outdoor activities.


What ways do you connect with nature?


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