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Benefits of working abroad

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Working in another country can seem like a daunting journey, with a new culture, job and people among the few things one will experience a change in. That being said, it can be a positive experience. One that is not only a valuable addition to your CV but also can expand your horizons, opening your eyes to things you have never known before. For that our world has many lessons to offer, many secrets to share, and many surprises waiting for someone to discover. And if you are wondering, whether it is a right choice or not? Here, we have listed some of the reasons why working abroad can be beneficial for you!

New skills

Packing up everything to go and work in another country is not exactly an easy thing to do. I mean you really are making a big decision to shake up virtually every aspect of your life. Moving to and working in a new country will force you to break old habits and routines and will make you expand your horizons and try new things. For example, all of your newfound free time that you may have now that you can’t watch your favorite basketball team may lead you to pick up photography. You will be surprised by how many new things you will start to do, maybe you even pick up a new language. In addition to picking up those new hobbies, you will really develop your social skills, confidence, and flexibility by having to adapt to your new surroundings.


Networking is a critical aspect of any career. And one of the perks of working abroad is that you can meet new people who are from completely different backgrounds than you. These connections can bring new opportunities and help you gain new market or career insights. For those who want to jump between roles and industries as being adventurous and all, the power of a well-developed professional network should not be underestimated even more. Many job openings aren’t advertised publicly: instead, they are filled through referrals and professional networking. Foreigners undoubtedly will have some disadvantages compared to the local people. Therefore, make sure to establish relationships with the people you meet along the way. You never know where your next job offer can come from.

Language acquisition

When you work in a foreign country, you are immersed in a different language, which can help you improve your language skills and become fluent in a language. It exposes you to a language on a daily basis. You have no choice but to interact with native speakers, listen to the language being spoken, and try to communicate in the language yourself. You will hear different accents, dialects, and intonations and it helps you develop a more authentic and nuanced understanding of the language. It will be necessary to you to communicate with coworkers, clients, and customers, as well as in everyday situations like shopping, and ordering food. This practical use of the language helps you understand the language's practical applications. Also, language is closely tied to culture, and working abroad can help you gain a deeper understanding of the cultural context of the language. For example, idioms, slang, and cultural references that are not always obvious. Therefore, if you are considering working abroad, take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language and broaden your knowledge.

A New Perspective on Work

As a worker in a new country, you get to experience a new culture around working. Countries around the world have different views around working, and getting to learn one different from where you are from can help you develop. Countries like the United States will teach its workers to work hard, with work weeks of 40 hours generally and 11 vacation days on average. A worker in Belgium generally works 38 hours in a week and has 20 days of vacation on average, and may discover more about themselves outside of work. It is a great opportunity for a worker to experience a different culture around working and see what they prefer, where they work best, and even what culture they may try to embrace in their future work.

So, are you currently thinking about exploring employment opportunities abroad?

Here, we have discussed the benefits of working overseas. From gaining new skills and expanding your network to acquiring new languages and forming a new perspective on work, working in a foreign country can be a life-changing experience. Although there are many challenges of working abroad, such as getting out of your comfort zone, the experience indeed can help you in both personal and professional development.

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