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How Routines Make Life More Simple

The Simplicity of Routines

Want to create new and healthy habits that stick? In order to avoid the roadblocks of life, it is sometimes beneficial to set up a new routine and stick to it. Whether it's something as simple as making your bed when you wake up or going for a walk at lunchtime, having a routine will bring you structure and discipline in everything that you do. However, for some people, the thought of a routine is tiring. Initiating one is easy, but the hard part is sticking to it. The easiest way to hold yourself to a new routine is to focus on the little things. Don’t let the size of the routine intimidate you. Break down the steps you need to take to achieve that day and go one by one. By focusing on the little things, results will come as you work towards them, and satisfaction and serenity are right around the corner because routines and tasks give you purpose in a world today where satisfaction can be given from the click of a button.

As for many of us, a highly detailed and methodical daily routine can be unachievable through college. However, focusing on one thing at a time, like one's sleep schedule, can produce huge benefits with very little effort. Even if you can’t plan or even predict the next couple of weeks, getting to bed and waking up consistently can suffice as a great routine. Irregular sleep schedules are highly correlated with lower-quality sleep and less productive days - college students especially should consider adopting this strategy. Simple routines, day or night, can make us more effective students and people in general.


"With consistency and reps and routine, you're going to achieve your goals and succeed." - Mandy Rose


"Mindset, habits, and routines are the building blocks for success towards your wellness goals." - Robyn Conely Downs


#Tips & #Tricks for starting and sticking to your routine:

  1. Decide What you Want in Your Routine - Prioritizing what is important to you before starting is key.

  2. Start Small - Set small goals and break your larger goals into smaller ones.

  3. Layout a Plan - Start with one week at a time and start small, that way you can build simple accomplishments. Write it on the calendar, appointment style.

  4. Be Consistent with Time - For example, if you wanted to get a daily walk in, attempt it at the same time every day.

  5. Make it Fun - There are ways to make starting a routine fun. Find a workout buddy, get a good playlist for cleaning, and try a new cooking class. Anything to help you enjoy your new routine.

  6. Track Your Progress - Create a visual calendar that you can cross off each day that you complete the task. Most people don’t want to “break the chain” and see a missing spot on their calendar.

  7. Reward Yourself - Once you’ve got your routine down on a consistent basis, don't forget to reward yourself!


So, what routine will you start today?


Written by:

Alex Sharp, Bjorn Swanson, Brendon Prentice,

Kennedy Czichotzki, Louie Reichenbach

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