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How to Grow Your Own Air - TED Talk

The need for cleaner air and green businesses is growing. Kamal Meattle noticed this need, along with his own personal health, and decided to grow his own fresh air in his office in New Delhi.

Meattle named three plants that are needed in a home or office.

The first one is the Areca Palm, which helps turn CO2 to Oxygen. Meattle recommended 4 shoulder high plants per person throughout the house in order to be effective.

The next plant is the Mother-In-Law’s tongue, or snake plant, which converts CO2 to oxygen at night. Meattle recommended 6 to 8 waist high plants per person.

Finally, the last plant is the Money Plant, which moves formaldehyde from the air.

After implementing these plants in the office, Meattle found that it decreases many things such as eye irritation, respiratory problems, and headaches. It also boosted human productivity by 20 percent.

Putting these plants around your home will not only improve the quality of air, but also improve health and productivity, along with brightening up your home.

Are you ready to grow your own air?

Here is the full video:

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