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Ideas for college content creators

Content creation is an awesome creative outlet, whether you do it as a hobby or with the hopes of turning it into a career. As college students, we have a lot going on in our lives, so it might be difficult to find the time or the resources to create. That’s why we wanted to discuss a few content creation options and ideas that are a perfect fit for those of us in college!


This is a great option for those who are extroverted and comfortable in front of a camera. Vlogging can get as broad or specific as you want it to be, but it all boils down to the creator showing the real events of their real life. If you really want to put yourself out there and show how you live as a college student, this could be a great idea for content creation. Here are a few vlog ideas for college students:

  • Day in the life: What does your morning routine look like? What goes on in your classes? The concept of a day in the life vlog is simple – film what goes on throughout your day!

  • Local restaurant reviews: Food content is huge on social media. Take your camera and go check out the best spots to eat near campus. Assuming the food is good, this idea could be a win-win for both you and the restaurant!

  • Street interviews: College students can be characters. We all have opinions and there’s always something on our minds. Get your camera, a microphone, get out on the streets and talk to people! Who knows who you’ll meet?

Study Related Content

Got some great input for other students? Every student needs some advice from time to time, so making study related content can be a great idea for college students. We have a few simple ideas for you to work with:

  • Class reviews: We’ve all taken good and bad classes. Sometimes it’s the professor and sometimes it’s just the material. With this idea, you can share your experiences with classes so other students know which classes they should or shouldn’t take.

  • Study tips: Everyone has their own habits when preparing for an exam. Go ahead and share your own!

  • Best study spots on campus: If you know some secret spots that other students don’t, are you willing to share them for the sake of your content? This idea could also go along with a vlog.

Mental Health and Well-Being

College can be stressful. It’s equally, if not more important to keep your health in check along with your grades. If you’re interested in creating mental health and well-being content, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Exercise routines: Working out is important for both your mental and physical health. If you know your way around the gym, why not share your routine with others?

  • Stress relief tips and coping mechanisms: Meditation, going for a walk, or even just watching your favorite movie can all be ways to relieve stress. If you have any other ideas, make some suggestions with your content!

  • Personal stories of overcoming challenges: Sometimes, we just need to relate to someone. If you have a story to share, there’s someone who will listen and might even benefit from hearing it! If you’re comfortable doing so, this can be a great, personal way to make content and connect with your audience.

There are countless opportunities to make awesome content. These are just a few of our favorite options that work well for busy students, so find something that you’re interested in, gather what you need to create, and get creating! Who knows, what you make might just turn into a career!

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