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Our Five Favorite Sustainable E-Commerce Sites

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

We all love the convenience of Amazon, but it’s no secret that the e-commerce giant is not conducive to a sustainable lifestyle. For those of you looking to give your business to more ecologically responsible companies, our team has found the top 5 sustainable sites that you can shop at, guilt free.

1. Etsy

Best for: Jewelry, clothing, home decor, furniture

Price range: $-$$

Etsy focuses on selling vintage, handcrafted pieces from small businesses to its customers. The site provides a great community for people globally to shop and connect with each other via creative goods. With products ranging from personalized jewelry to handmade sculptures, we recommend Etsy when looking for a unique but personal gift for someone close.

2. Made Trade

Best for: Designed home goods, fair trade and sustainable apparel

Price range: $$-$$$

Understanding the needs of conscious consumers, Made Trade provides ethically sourced designed goods from makers all over the world. As a woman owned, family run company, Made Trade provides consumers with an easy to shop platform for all things sustainable. Offering apparel, cookware, and eco-friendly home goods, Made Trade ensures that each product is sourced ethically and are of the highest quality.

3. EcoRoots

Best for: Plastic free, low waste beauty products

Price range: $-$$

EcoRoots focuses on providing a more sustainable and minimalistic alternative to a variety of beauty products. As one of the premier zero waste online stores, they work with similar brands that share their values to donate 1% of all their profits to the Ocean Conservancy as a commitment to protect our planet.

4. EarthHero

Best for: Eco-friendly books, home goods, clothing, accessories

Price range: $-$$$$

EarthHero is one of Imagine We Can's favorite eco-friendly online bookstores (and a great Amazon alternative). But never fear being limited just to books - they also carry travel, baby, pet, tech, and kitchen products, offering just about any product you may need.

5. Etee

Best for: Beauty and personal care products

Price range: $-$$

Etee is a membership-based service that offers "everything you need for a plastic free home." If you're worried about taking the plunge of buying a membership, Etee also offers a free 14-day trial for their membership program. And there's more: for each (sustainable) face mask you purchase from Etee, they donate one to someone in need.

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