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So you wanna go casual?

Ever since the pandemic, various companies are listening to their employee's ideas about abandoning business formalwear in the office and at home. Many employees are seeking comfort in the clothes they wear to align their lifestyles between home and work. It is important to make sure we as workers are happy, and it starts with what you wear. Consider these options to make your workday more comfortable:


While Targets have become a one-stop shop for all consumer needs, don’t overlook their clothing department! Here are some great finds:

High-Rise Belted Ankle Pants for Women

If you're looking for comfort, style, and a great price, these highly rated pants are for you. Priced at $29.99, they would be an amazing addition to any casual-work wardrobe.

Dockers Comfort Knit Slim Fit Chino Pants for Men

These pants come with 360 degree stretch for all around comfort and are perfect for more casual work-wear. This new style from Target comes in at $54.99.


Another great and affordable brand for casual wear is Old Navy. Here are some consumer favorites:

Rib-Knit Turtleneck Top for Women

A best seller for women that want to add a staple into their wardrobe is their Rib-Knit Turtleneck Top. Being comfortable and stylish this is a perfect item to wear at work and feel good. There is a vast selection of colors and sizes making it available to anyone at the low price of $22.99. A very simple but effective way to be comfortable and look great at work!

Slim Built-In Flex Ultimate Tech Pants for Men

Their Slim Built-In Flex Ultimate Tech Pants for Men receive stellar reviews and are very affordable at just $50. They have diverse color options ranging from navy blue to light khaki, making it compatible for any outfit. They also offer a wide range of sizes providing a perfect fit for everyone. They are a great cross between comfy and casual.

For those of you who like to shell out the big bucks, Lululemon and Adidas are trendy brands that can make getting ready for work a quick, simple task.


Scuba High-Rise Jogger for Women

These joggers are incredibly versatile and are one of the brand's most popular items! They are made with breathable material and are high-waisted to provide more comfort. At a cost of $118 and a variety of colors, these joggers can be yours as they are offered in sizes from 0-20. You can style this with a hoodie or even a jean jacket. Great for everyday fashion!

Evolution Short Sleeve Polo Shirt for Men

This product has been a favorite amongst consumers because of its slimmer fit and "sweat-wicking" material. Based on color and sizing, this polo ranges from $88-98. It will keep you comfortable, feeling fresh and stylish for all your meetings or errands throughout the day. You can dress it up with a pair of khakis or throw on a pair of joggers for a more relaxed look. If you have questions about sizing, you can book a virtual personal shopper appointment on the Lululemon website!


Adicolor Track Pants for Women

If you are looking to replace your work pants, these pants have your name written all over them! These pants have the perfect amount of flow to still look put together at a cost of $70. Pair with a black turtleneck or a white button down shirt for a classy look!

Heavy Weight 1/4 Zip for All

This grey quarter zip is great for all types of occasions, especially in the winter. It will keep you warm as you log on to a zoom meeting with your employees or going to the grocery store. It can be yours for $75 and is available in sizes 3XS-2XL. If you're heading into the office, pair this pullover with khaki pants for a comfortable work-leisure outfit.

We hope these recommendations have helped you on your way to building a trendy, yet comfortable workleisure wardrobe! Happy shopping!

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