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Steps & Notes: Walk to These Beats!

Let’s face it, walking is far from the most thrilling form of exercise. While the benefits of walking are numerous, many people are deterred from the activity simply because it is plain boring. One way to spice up your walk is to find a catchy groove to strut to. Our carefully selected music will help get your feet moving and make the time fly by. With that, we’ll begin our list of our favorite songs that will be sure to hit your stride!

Here’s a song that’ll be sure to get you fired up! Pop Smoke truly brings the energy in “Dior.” The beat also delivers with intense drums and an enchanting violin sample. If you want to go on that walk but are struggling to find the motivation, we’re sure this song will have you up on your feet (and maybe even dancing)!

Next up is “Reflection Eternal,” by Nujabes. Ever heard of lofi hip-hop or chill-hop? Nujabes can be considered a godfather of the genre. A gentle piano melody along with a chill drum line carry the listener along a spiritual journey in “Reflection Eternal.” Walking isn’t just about exercise; it can help your mental health too! For many people, it can be a release from the stresses of everyday life. A walk allows you to take intentional time to care for yourself and reflect on life. There’s also a practice in some forms of Buddhism called walking meditation, though while doing so you would be listening to the world around you instead of music. We encourage you to find your preferred style of walking!

Another great song to listen to if you are looking for something upbeat to keep you going is “Style” by Taylor Swift. Off Swift’s wildly popular album 1989, “Style” uses plenty of 80s sounding synth to make the listener feel as if they are walking through a montage in their own personal movie! Sometimes when going for a walk it can be good to have fun and upbeat moments to keep your energy up. This song is perfect for those moments, and you’ll find that if you are listening to this on your next you might just end up accidentally adding a few dance moves into your step! Highly recommended for those people who are looking for a more spirited walk and want their music to match that energy.

If you aren’t already hooked and nodding your head along to the songs listed so far, perhaps “Sunroof” by Nick Youre might be more up your alley. This indie-pop style song makes you feel like you’re in the middle of your 20’s summer, driving down the interstate with your friends in the car as the sun begins to set. Of course, you’d be up on your feet instead, excited to take your next steps with this song playing on your playlist! This song might just add a little pep in your step and can be a mix between a brisk walk or a slow, intentional walk. Even if it may be a cold, dreary winter, put this song on and you’ll feel like the rays of summer are just a few steps away!

We had a twist in store for you - our last pick is actually a podcast! Sometimes, you just might not be in the mood for music. Listening to the world can be exhausting too, ever walk past a construction site? That’s why we recommend “How I Built This with Guy Raz” (or any other podcast you enjoy). Guy Raz sits down with people who’ve built some of the most well known companies in the world and explores their story and the business’s story. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship or business, this is the podcast for you. Walking is already pumping blood throughout your body so why not supplement your brain with some learning?

And there you have it folks, our list of songs (and a podcast) that’ll take your walk to the next level. We encourage you to listen to anything that sounds interesting or even try them all. Most importantly, get those walks in and take care of yourself!

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