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Broaden Your Palate

April 24, 2024 from 12:00 - 1:15 PM

Northrop Plaza

We are on a mission to broaden peoples' horizons and for them to explore the local businesses that make up the Twin Cities.

In this event, attendees will be able to meet and sample various local businesses from across the Twin Cities, enjoy a series of activities, and expand their knowledge of the Twin Cities. 



Smackin' is a Minnesota-based sunflower seed company by two Carlson Alumni. The business skyrocketed into success in the past year and was featured in the New York Times!

123021 FinalEMQUEVIETlogo copy.webp

Em Que Viet is the trendier sister restaurant to Que Viet, and the home of the Egg Roll on a Stick from the Minnesota State Fair.

Thai Garden Fusion is passionate about delivering authentic Thai cuisine to Minneapolis that properly represents the diverse flavors of Thailand.

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