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Image by Dewang Gupta

We believe in a world less filtered.

In a world that focuses on you by letting your personality shine through your pictures. We admire the imperfect perfection of everybody and encourage an unedited version of you to shine through. Together we can build a community that supports the authenticity of beauty. Together we can change social media into a celebration of the natural beauty of this world. We want to look at social media and be able to see the real you. 


Image by Gian Cescon

It can be hard to look at perfect versions of everyone at all times. In reality, we are only seeing the best parts of their life. Everyone has bad hair days, sleepless nights, bad lighting, or the wrong pose. Presenting a perfect life is unrealistic and unhealthy to aspire to have. It takes a toll on your mental health. 


Challenging social norms can be hard, but change starts with you. We challenge you to post one unedited picture of yourself. You can inspire others to unedit themselves both online and in-person. Post a picture where you were truly happy. Caption it whatever you want. Share what made you smile. Be the change that you want to see.


Imagine we could help make this vision a reality. Imagine we could change the way we perceive each other online. Imagine we could start on this path today, simply by starting with a picture of yourself. Imagine a world where we can finally be ourselves

Be the spark.  Join the movement.

Imagine We Could.

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