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Think You Know Best? Prove It.

Updated: Jan 30

A Book of Advice Compiled by Carlson Staff & Students For Future Generations

We are writing a book and need your help! Everyone has a memory of a time that they received advice from a friend, peer, teacher, stranger, or even given their own advice to someone in need. In order to pass on lessons and learnings from one generation of students to the next, we welcome you to share that advice whether academic, social, personal, or technical. 

Whether it’s your best wisdom, or a whole list of do’s and don'ts, feel free to come by Group 3’s booth, where you can contribute to future generations of Carlson students by adding your advice to our book: The Carlson Book of Wisdom. 

As for why we’ve decided to create this Book of Wisdom, well… advice can be timeless. Our goal is to compile timeless guidance and recommendations from creative and curious minds like our own to shape tomorrow, one piece of advice at a time. From one Carlson student to another, let’s make it happen and encourage a continuous exchange of wisdom!

If you would like to contribute your advice to our book of wisdom, please join Group 3 at our booth in the Carlson Atrium on Wednesday February 28th and support our Imagine We Could event!

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