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UnLocking The Library's Treasures

How many times have you visited one of the university libraries? How many libraries do we have on campus? If it took you a few seconds to answer either of these questions, it probably means you are not utilizing one of the university’s most significant resources. With nearly eight million individual volumes, the libraries have information on any topic you can think of, and every one of them is free! 

Typically, when students think of the library, they only think of it as a quiet place to study or to do research Our hope is for students to realize

our library system is full of potential for purposes other than school projects. The U of M libraries are full of fiction and nonfiction stories that students can check out to explore different topics, learn new skills, or read for fun. From brand-new trending novels to all-time classics, these books are underutilized by U of M students. Who should use the libraries as a source of free novels, instead of paying for them in stores or online. The library also contains a great collection of cookbooks with recipes and tips to help out in the kitchen, which we know every college student needs!

The University of Minnesota Libraries offers various resources beyond academia alone. Not only do they carry the typical academic materials, but the libraries are also a treasure trove for leisure reading, learning new skills, and culinary inspiration. Whether you are a business student wanting to learn new culinary skills or an engineering student curious about the latest fiction, the libraries provide numerous resources to enrich your college experience. Through the University of Minnesota libraries, you have access to numerous online resources. Through the Libby app, students and faculty can access online versions of books to read on your phone or Kindle. You can access the Libby app here: Libby app. By selecting that you have a library card, you can then search for University of Minnesota Libraries and log in with your UMN User ID and password.

The UMN Libraries offer a wide variety of other services as well. Students and faculty can meet with a librarian for personalized, in-depth research support. Peer tutoring is also available at no charge for over 250 courses. University of Minnesota Libraries offer in-person and online workshops on various topics, including library research, citation management, study skills, bullet journaling, and more. Computers, printing, and fee-based scanning services are also available.

The University's Libraries are strategically located all over campus, ensuring accessibility for all students. Whether you need student, instructional, or research support, the libraries serve as a hub for academic assistance. Imagine an event where UMN Library representatives gather to provide further insights into their offerings. This collaboration will be seamlessly organized and promoted through, allowing for an engaging experience for Carlson students. It is not just about the books but about unlocking new connections and insights. Imagine the possibilities that could arise when the seemingly limitless resources of the library meet the innovativeness of

As you continue your journey at the University of Minnesota, take notice of the treasures that lie within our libraries. Beyond the study rooms and research materials, the libraries have the potential to enrich your college experience through various tools. From leisure reading to digital access and support, UMN Libraries are here to help you reach your full potential. 

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