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Making the Most of Summer

When you think of your childhood summers, what comes to your mind?

Maybe it's long days spent outside in the sun by the pool with friends or memories of chasing the ice cream truck down the street. Perhaps you think of afternoons on the lake or watching a firework show on the 4th of July.

Now, when was the last time you embraced the simple joys of summer fun?

Life has drastically changed since we were kids. Smartphones and social media exist,  we have *actual* responsibilities now that don't consist of feeding digital pets, and errands to run. It feels like there's no time to be spontaneous or carefree. Our life is a series of to-do lists and living for the weekends. And, while we may not have bedtimes anymore, we may actually miss getting excited about the simple thrills summer used to seem to have.

How can we make the most of this summer? How can we chase the high of being a kid on summer break while balancing our adult responsibilities?

Making the most of summer does not have to mean having elaborate plans for each day. Our fondest memories are of the littlest things, so all we need to do is remember where to find these simple joys.

The simple joys make our summers memorable because the best memories are made right in our own backyards.

Friends by the Lake
Summer Swim
Summer Walk

There is brilliance in the simple things, and we are here to show you how.
You can make the most of your summer by doing simple, everyday activities. Imagine a carefree summer that lets you relive your precious, childhood memories. This blog page is a resource that will remind you how to embrace the simple pleasures summer has to offer.

Our first blog post lists 10 simple ideas for you to add to your 2022 Summer Bucket List. These ideas are free things you can do this summer in Minneapolis that can be accomplished using resources at your fingertips.

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