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How we challenged the status quo - one semester at a time. Just as we imagined we could.




Carlson Book Bash

In collaboration with the UMN Libraries, we wanted to inspire others to put down their screens and pick up a book. Through our book bash with amazing prizes and reading activities like bookmark-making and a book bracket, we did just that. 


Snow Angels


Snowflake Spectacular

We missed the winter from our childhoods: playing in the snow for hours on end, making paper snowflakes, and drinking hot cocoa. So we sought a way to bring that magic back. With our event, we gave everyone a chance to relive some of their favorite childhood memories.


Pickle Palooza

Stress is a big dill, so we wanted everyone to take a break from that mid-term stress. What better way to do that than with a pickle party? We celebrated all things pickle, with pickleball, pickle trivia, and of course pickles!



Career Carnival

As business students, we get so caught up in tradition:  professional attire, corporate jobs, and high-stress career fairs. Why does it have to be this way? So we threw a Career Carnival where students could learn about non-conventional career paths with fun activities and games!


College Cooking Fair

College students love to eat, but many are not equipped to cook. Whether their budgets are tight or they just don't know how to cook, we wanted to help them. With our College Cooking Fair, we set them up with live cooking classes and tips for budgeting to get them back into the kitchen!





Slowing Fast Fashion

In the age of social media, trends come and go faster than ever. With this, it means consumers are buying more and discarding more. We want to be conscious of the waste. By hosting a clothing drive, we gave consumers a better option to discard their clothes and have it be put toward a good cause.


Conscious Consumption

Over-consumption and waste go hand-in-hand in today's world. Many products are made to get us to buy more and use more, and while it is great for profit it damages our ecosystem. In this campaign, we wanted to inform people that there are alternatives to the products that they are using to reduce their carbon footprint.



The Simple Things

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, we lost a lot of things that we took for granted. Going to restaurants, seeing friends and family, even just going grocery shopping. This campaign wanted to highlight these little things and wanted us to take a second to enjoy the moment.


Get Active

Since the pandemic, everyone has gotten used to being on our devices and looking at screens 24/7. The campaign advocated for everyone to go outside, take a walk, anything that would get them active. Even providing resources for at-home workouts. Getting some fresh air helps the body to heal.

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