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Imagine we could change the world - one semester at a time.  Read below to see the work we've been doing to challenge the status quo.


December 2023

Bring the Magic Back with a Winter Wonderland

We all have childhood nostalgia of the magic of winter activities.  We created a world to bring back the fun in winter.

October 2023

Take a Dill, Enjoy a Pickle Party

We celebrated all the reasons why pickles are wonderful with Picklepalooza.


May 2023

Pursue Unconventional Career Paths

We explored different career paths and many ways to pursue your passions.

March 2023

Learn to Cook Better as College Students

We became our own chefs and shared our tips and tricks for cooking for other college students.


December 2022

Slow Fast Fashion

We highlighted the detriments of fast fashion and found ways of shopping more sustainably.

October 2022

Conscious Consumption

We found ways to become more conscious about how we consume and waste every day.


May 2022

See the Brilliance in the Simple Things

We shared how to overcome challenges by recognizing and learning to appreciate the simple and important things in our lives.

March 2022

Take a Walk - Be Active

We offered solutions to enjoy the outdoors and become more active and addressed the importance of outdoor time vs. screen time.


December 2021

Abandon the Cookie Cutter Corporate Culture

We advocated for the impact of 4-day work weeks and other improvements to workplace culture.

October 2021

Use Real Social Media vs. Edited

We discussed the harmful effects of perfectly curated social media and recommended how to use unedited content to build community without being divisive.

Traditional Rice
Image by Guillaume de Germain

May 2021

Promote Sustainable Living to Help Stop Climate Change

We developed an easy-to-implement plan to help people reduce their carbon footprint.

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