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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

1. Bring Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are a common way to reduce single use plastic. They provide a durable and cost effective alternative to traditional plastic bags. Reusable bags offer many benefits including shopping incentives, quicker bagging, and easy carrying. Many states are quickly implementing plastic bag taxes so using reuseable bags Additionally reusable bags help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and the ocean. Animals such as birds and turtles often mistake plastic bags for food and die from consuming them. Think about keeping a few reusable bags in your car or by your front door so you don’t forget them.

Bonus: Consider reducing your waste even further by utilizing reusable produce bags!

2. Stop Using Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are another common form of single use plastic. Although straws may seem like an insignificant amount of plastic, their consumption rate makes the product a large contributor to waste. Additionally, plastic straws release chemicals into the air, soil, and water that can be harmful to the environment. Stop using plastic straws entirely by purchasing a few reusable. There are many material options such as metal, silicon, and bamboo. There are even reusable straws that come with a carrying case for easy on the go use. Continually reduce your plastic consumption by saying no to straws at restaurants or bringing your own reusable one.

3. Try Out Waste Free Period Products

Tampons and pads in addition to their packaging and individual wrapping create over 200,000 tons of waste every year. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to traditional period products. Many companies have created products such as menstrual cups, period underwear, reusable pads, and menstrual discs.

4. Avoid Plastic Wrap and Food Storage

Plastic wrap, baggies, and storage containers will undoubtedly end up as waste in landfills or the ocean. Ditch the plastic baggies for reusable silicone ones. These can be used countless times and are often dishwasher safe. Stop buying plastic wrap and switch to beeswax wrap. Beeswax wrap is a great food storage option as it is reusable and natural. It even helps keep food fresher longer! Finally, reuse glass containers such as spaghetti sauce jars to store leftover food in.

5. Shop in Bulk

Shopping in bulk is a great way to reduce packaging waste. Try searching in your area to see if there is a bulk food store near you. In many of these stores you can bring your own container or purchase a reusable one there. You can then fill the container with as much of what you need and pay by weight. Bulk shopping is a great way to reduce not only your packaging waste but your food waste as well.

Remember that even small changes can make a big difference. Teach others about ways to reduce single use plastic by sharing this blog post and joining our community!

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