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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quality over Quantity

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Buying clothes through fast fashion brands has become an increasingly popular yet harmful trend among younger generations. It has allowed individuals to vastly increase their clothing collections at much cheaper prices than luxury brands, but at what cost?

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quality over Quantity

In a society where fast fashion clothing has become normalized and accepted, it can be difficult to understand why these brands may not be worth your time and money. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change or genuinely concerned about the negative impacts of fast fashion, here are some reasons to shop for quality that you might want to consider when making your next clothing purchases.

1. Quality clothing is more sustainable.

Sustainable items are often well made by workers with fair wages and made from responsibly sourced materials. More thought goes into purchases of quality items because they are better quality and therefore sold at higher costs. With this comes more conscious purchases and no more impulse buys.

2. Quality clothes last a lifetime.

When shopping for quantity and cheaper prices, the clothing quality is ignored and many of the items only last two or three uses. While quality clothing may be more expensive, it is much more worth your money as the items last much longer. Have you ever rummaged through your parents closets and found articles of clothing now back in style? That's because they shopped for quality, and now you get to enjoy their stylish clothing too!

3. Shopping for quality reduces clutter and waste.

Have you ever struggled to pick out an outfit in the morning, or uncovered a shirt you haven't worn in five years with the tag still on it in the back of your closet? That's because we own too many clothes and have too many options. If you move towards a more quality central wardrobe you will naturally cut down the number of items in your closet, making your selection more clear and outfit decisions much easier. And unlike what celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid may advertise, it's okay and normal to wear the same outfit twice!

4. Quality clothes are unique.

Quality clothing bought from luxury brands is often a privilege, and clothes that have been up-cycled or thrifted showcase your unique style and eye for good items. All of these quality centric alternate options to fast fashion brands allow you to express your personal style rather than sticking to ever-changing trends and having a selection of clothes that you will soon throwaway.

5. You should love your clothes.

Because quality items are often more expensive and therefore lead to more conscious purchases, you can start buying clothes that you actually like and want. Shopping for quality allows you to truly understand what clothing styles, colors, materials, or shapes work best for you. You should love your selection and be proud to wear it!

Fast fashion might seem like a great idea, but cheap costs means cheap quality and the costs add up in the long run through unsustainable items with little longevity and uniqueness. Supporting fast fashion means supporting harm to the plant. Instead you can support sustainable brands that produce high quality items that will last a lifetime. Next time you go shopping, make that conscious decision to choose quality and really understand if the purchase is right for you. When it comes to clothing, quality is superior to quantity.

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