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5 Ways listening to music/podcasts will boost your walk

Daily exercise, especially walking, has been proven to have vast health benefits. It can be a task that is considered boring or unmanageable for many. Fortunately, listening to music or a podcast is a simple and accessible solution to cure those walking woes!

1. Listening to music or podcasts increases exercise enjoyment

Research shows that listening to music while increases enjoyment during a walk by 25%, and listening to a podcast increases the enjoyment by 15%. Music causes the brain to release dopamine, which is the hormone that regulates motivation and goal-oriented behavior. So, listening to either music or a podcast while on a walk could make the movement less tedious and more enjoyable and satisfactory.

2. It can be a helpful tool to track progress

Whether you're tracking how far you've walked, how long you're able to maintain and certain pace, or working up to a certain level of endurance, music can be a helpful guide to keep track. Also, switching between slow and fast tempo music can change the speed of your pace! Focusing on your music or the content of your podcast can take away the need to focus on distance or pace in terms of numbers, allowing you to enjoy your walk peacefully and time to pass more quickly.

3. Music can be a motivator

Any exercise can get boring and tiring quickly, potentially to the point of feeling lazy and losing motivation to complete the workout or walk. Music can provide that extra boost needed to push to the finish line. It's important to put together a playlist of songs with a strong beat and motivational lyrics. If music is not your go-to, then finding the perfect podcast can help put you at ease during your walk. The wide variety of genres like comedy, crime, mindfulness, or current events, allows you to be selective about what content you engage with. If you're unsure, you could try a different genre for each walk before deciding which you like best!

4. It can help you pace yourself

Being able to switch between slow and fast songs while you're walking can help you pace yourself at different points in time. Whether you need to slow down or pick up the pace, choosing a song at the right tempo can change the feeling during your workout. For example, when you want to cool down for a minute, play a calm song that relaxes your mind and body. On the other hand, if you want to ramp things up and start working hard, put on a fast paced song to get your body moving!

5. Music distracts you in a good way

Music competes with the sensations of working out. Elevated heartbeats, sweats, and exhausted muscles are hidden from your attention by the music distracting you. Focusing away from the fatigue, you're able to push through the difficulties and complete your walk successfully. This could lead to increased confidence in physical ability and further enjoyment of exercise.

These 5 tips will help you become more consistent with your walking while making it more enjoyable to actually do!

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