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Anti-work Movement --> Anti-Employee Movement

Anti-Work has become a widespread and confusing slogan that's gained traction in the United States over the past few years. The term "Anti-Work" brings forward the conversation that society has had its priorities set in the wrong place for a very long time. Our western-capitalist society has framed hard work in the workplace as the absolute pinnacle of success and has gotten to the point where so many employees are being taken advantage of, and don't feel like their work is worth the pay. However, the term has been discussed and slandered so much so that the true message seems to get confused behind the wording. Anti-Work is not a slogan to discourage people from having jobs, having a career, and making a living, but to encourage workers to not get taken for granted and taken advantage of, which is why we think a more appropriate title would be "Anti-Employee."


According to Forbes writer Barnaby Lashbrooke, “Those who are quitting their jobs are, for the most part, neither lazy nor looking to be unemployed, they are simply looking for kinder, more supportive employers and a better work-life balance.” People are beginning to not only understand their worth - but also understand what their priorities are. And, surprisingly, for most employers, 7.25 an hour and a boss that treats you like garbage isn’t going to keep employees from doing a poor job or from leaving the company. A simple solution would be better pay and a little respect. In support of this argument, a recent study done at Harvard Business School showed that increasing wages motivates people to work harder, which increases productivity.


Commanding respect and fostering the right relationship from employers is challenging and requires being your boss by adopting the mindset that you work for your brand. If the respect and interest to foster your “brand” are not there, the business relationship is not a long-term investment. Additionally, negotiating pay like you would on behalf of businesses in the old workplace should be commonplace for yourself. Value the work you do, and command the reward that reflects your effort.


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