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Don't let stress put you in a jar: tips and tricks to relish in each moment

Sometimes it can feel like you’re in the middle of a dill-lemma. There are too many things on your plate, and it comes to the point where you seem to be stuck - stress overtaking your ability to relax and enjoy the amazing things in life. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! Here are some fabulous hacks to help you relieve some stress - from making your own pickles to picking up a new sport. Continue reading to see just how you can relish each day stress-free.

Make Some Homemade Pickles

Cooking of all types has various benefits to help relieve stress, from stuff like grilling to baking, and to, yes, you guessed it, pickling. One of the best benefits is the ability to make something that makes you happy. Everyone has a comfort food that sets them at ease whenever they eat it, so making it for yourself can help increase the stress relief effects. Cooking can also be a way to express creativity, which is known to help remove stress and anxiety. Furthermore, cooking provides a hands-on activity, which helps keep the things causing stress off your mind. Pickling is no exception to these benefits! It involves a lot of cutting to help relax the mind, as well as room for creativity, as you can try different spices and ingredients for different flavored pickles. And once the pickles are done, you can enjoy many of the health benefits that they provide! If you want a simple recipe for pickles, click here!

Get Outside With Pickleball

In the past couple of years, pickleball has become the fastest-growing sport for people of all ages. It is a fun, low-impact, and easy-to-understand sport with a wide variety of physical, mental, and social benefits. On the physical side, pickleball has been shown to help improve balance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and overall heart health. It is also a cardiovascular activity that helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, leading to a lower chance of heart disease.

The mental benefits include improving cognitive function by helping your mind stay engaged during play and releasing endorphins in your brain, which helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Lastly, pickleball has helped many people branch out and create new relationships and social connections through regular participation.

This kind of activity has the ability to reduce one’s sense of isolation and loneliness which helps to improve emotional health and well-being.

Stretch Your Creative Brain

If cooking and physical activities aren’t your thing, no problem! There are other ways to chill out and let your creativity flow. Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore, they’re a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Taking time to slow down and focus on something low stakes like choosing which color to use and trying to stay between the lines has been shown to decrease levels of heart rate and respiration, leading to better cognitive function and improved sleep. It also promotes mindfulness and encourages people to take risks, even if its low stakes.

Journaling is also a great way to express negative emotions in a positive way. If you’re dealing with an isolating issue, write it down on paper.

Even though talking things out is great, expressing yourself in a safe space is a great way to work through things on your own and avoid judgment, if that is something you worry about. Make sure to prioritize yourself and protect your peace when dealing with stressful situations.

Click on the image to get some FREE coloring pages!

Munch On a Pickle (No, Literally - It Helps!)

Are pickles healthy? Yes! Made from cucumbers, pickles are low in calories and low in fat which can help you shed pounds. They are also a great source of fiber and high in vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamin K which is important for blood clotting and bone formation.

Having anxiety? Eat a pickle! Most fermented foods have been proven by researchers and studies to ease anxiety, most commonly social anxiety.

A pickle a day will keep you at bay, but what about the juice? Pickle juice contains electrolytes, sodium, and potassium which offer a way to rehydrate after an exercise or cure your lightheadedness.

Getting out of a pickle can be hard, but utilizing these great tips and tricks will help you become free from the overwhelming feeling of stress. So, when you are going about your hectic week, remember to take a pause, scribble on some coloring pages, pick up a Pickleball racket, and get munching.

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