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sNow What?: Our Favorite Winter Activities

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

It is a cold windy day in Minneapolis and the leaves have all but disappeared from their resting places high in the treetops and lay in large piles on the ground. As the day turns to night, a change is about to occur. Suddenly, little white flakes begin to appear one by one. Soon, the whole sky is covered like a canvas with these magical dancers. The ground once covered in a colorful array of leaves soon becomes a clean reflective bright white of snow. sNOW what?

The new snowfall has brought a wide array of both indoor and outdoor activities and it means the holidays are closing in. Some of the best activities of the year occur during the winter in Minnesota. Here is a list of a few of them to get you started this winter season.


Best winter activities:

Minnesota is well known for two things, lakes and hockey. While the lakes are great for boating in the summer, it is probably not advisable to boat on ice. But with all that ice you can enjoy it in a wide variety of other ways. One of which is to lace up those ice skates deep in your closet or find a used pair. If you were once a hockey player, there are many fun and competitive “pondy” tournaments around the city. Keep an eye out for events on Lake Minnetonka and Prior Lake in the western suburbs throughout the winter season. For those who are not as familiar with skating, there are plenty of outside skating areas to enjoy with friends and make fun date nights.

Minnesota may not have Mount Everest, but there are still plenty of hills that skiers and snowboarders can enjoy. A few are located within a 30 minute drive from the University of Minnesota campus. Both the skilled and unskilled can enjoy this outdoor activity. The rates are cheap and renting is very easy and affordable. So why not take advantage of the snow and hit the slopes with your friends this winter season?

In Minnesota you do not need to know how to skate, ski, or snowboard to have a fun time. You can still enjoy the Minnesota hills and go tubing or sledding. You can search for the perfect hill to use yourself or go to one made for tubbing and sledding. The top two places to go for tubing and sledding are Theodore Wirth Park and Elm Creek. The best part about this activity is that anyone can do it and it's very affordable. The price ranges from free to $75. Make sure to keep an eye out for Elm Creek's night tubing event this winter!

When you are ready to take a break from the cold, head over to the Imagine We Could Chill at Carson event! Enjoy the snowflakes from inside Carlson Atrium away from the cold weather outside. Don’t forget to add your own snowflake message!

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