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Take a walk in our shoes!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

It’s easy to say “Go outside and take a walk, it’s good for you!” but sometimes it's difficult to find the motivation. Maybe you don’t know where to walk, you don’t know what to listen to or how to keep yourself entertained. We understand that, we’ve felt the same. In order to help, we have compiled some of our favorite things that help us feel more motivated to get outside. Take a walk in our shoes:

Jordan’s On Campus Favorites:

Living in DinkyTown, Minneapolis, with close proximity to the University of Minnesota Campus, there are a lot of great places for me to walk. East River Flats Park sticks out from the rest. Situated next to the Mississippi river, there are great views to help stay entertained. It also features a catwalk to get as close to the river as possible without getting your feet wet!

I also really enjoy listening to Podcasts to help walking be more engaging. My current favorite is Odd Trails by Andrew Tate and Brandon Lanier, a creepy but funny supernatural story.

Nicholas's Hidden Gem:

Although the Twin Cities offer many parks and reserves, the natural landscapes are usually deprived. In specific, metro parks lack natural experiences and tranquility. Shadow Falls Park in St. Paul, Minnesota is one of few remaining landscapes offering such amenities. It’s located on East River Parkway, just two miles south of the southernmost East River Flats path.

Walkers at Shadow Falls enjoy rich geological features, miles of natural beauty, and spectacular views of the Mississippi River. Such views and paths traverse heightened elevations. I encourage you to visit with a group of friends for the first time. Stay alert, stay healthy, and enjoy the walk!

Kelvin's Go-To Trail:

Being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature is what excites me the most. Living in the south metro there are a lot of great trails and parks available for you to use. My favorite place is Clearly lake regional park in prior lake. The trail is 3.5-mile long and wraps around clearly lake. The scenery on the trail is so beautiful, you get the view of the lake and in the fall time when the leaves are starting to change colors, you get the feeling of running through a dream. It’s also quiet enough you can hear the wildlife around you. Clearly lake park also offers other activities you can enjoy like golfing, swimming, and canoeing if you don’t feel like going on a walk.

Dora’s Favorite Hike:

From Wisconsin to Wyoming all the way to North Carolina, I have been able to seek adventures in many state and national parks. However, one of my favorite places to get outside and be active in is Split Rock Lighthouse State Park in northern Minnesota. Just a couple hours north of Duluth, this state park is full of stunning scenery and rch history. There is so much to do and to learn along the way!

Split Rock State Park is full of breath-taking views of Lake Superior along the coast, along with rich forest hikes. I would recommend camping overnight and making a weekend trip of it, to take advantage of as many hikes as possible. As always, stay active and stay healthy!

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