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Brewing Up Success: 5 Cozy Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

Updated: Mar 27

Libraries filled to the brim? Tired of the standard coffee chains? Looking for that perfect study spot off campus, but have no idea where to start? Minneapolis is filled with great spots to settle in and cram before exam season starts up. From cozy coffee shops to new hidden gems, here are 5 coffee shops we think you should check out!

C.R.E.A.M Cafe

428 S 2nd St Minneapolis, MN

Sun-Fri 8 am–4 pm

Drinks: $2.50 - $7.50

Food: $5 - $12

Nestled not far from campus, near the picturesque Stone Arch Bridge, this cozy café offers a serene atmosphere perfect for deep study sessions. With its affordable yet delicious food and drinks, it's an ideal spot to hunker down and hit the books. Conveniently accessible for students, with paid parking, nearby bus stops, and a short walk from the light rail, it's a must-visit for anyone seeking a peaceful study retreat.


Spyhouse Coffee

215 S 4th St, Minneapolis, MN

M–Sun 6:30 am–5 pm

$2.75 - $6.95

Spyhouse is located within the beautiful Emery Hotel. With beautiful architecture, amazing seating areas, and even a pool table, this cafe has an excellent atmosphere. Take the bus downtown and enjoy a quiet study spot off of campus. They have plenty of fun coffee choices, from seasonal signatures like their Orange Vanilla Crush to their iconic Spygirl, lavender mocha. Tired of studying? Visit the Emery bar right next door!



729 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN

M-F, 6:30am - 6pm / Sat-Sun, 7am - 6pm

$3.50 - $6.25

Situated in the North Loop, FRGMNT contains plenty of seating options and a decorative environment for people to spend their focused work time in. They have a range of specialty drinks for adventurous coffee drinkers while also offering classic coffees that are reliable and on the cheaper end. If you plan on visiting, be sure to claim your spot quickly as this is a local favorite and fills up quickly on the weekend!



4503 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Tues-Fri 7 am–3 pm / Sat-Sun 8 am-4 pm

$5 - $7.50

Caphin, a charming addition to Linden Hills, brings the taste of traditional Vietnamese iced coffee and more to the Minneapolis coffee scene. Despite being the farthest from campus among our top picks, its aesthetic appeal and cozy seating make it an irresistible choice during finals season. Indulge in unique flavors and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Vietnamese coffee – the journey is well worth it


Backstory Coffee Roasters

528 N Washington Ave Minneapolis, MN

M-Sun 7 am-5 pm


Backstory Coffee Roasters, nestled off Washington Ave, rounds out our list as a local favorite and a haven for focused study sessions. With freshly brewed coffee and a cozy atmosphere boasting comfy seating options, it's the perfect spot to settle into your studies. Whether you're delving into textbooks or typing away at your laptop, this charming cafe provides the ideal backdrop for academic productivity.

While these five coffee shops certainly grabbed our attention, Minneapolis is filled to the brim with amazing local businesses that are waiting to be explored. From hidden gems to trendy new pop-ups, you can find anything that suits your needs. Discovering new places and broadening your horizons past national chains is key. Supporting local businesses brings you quality products and helps to foster community development.

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