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Discover New Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Four International Dessert Destinations in the Twin Cities

Updated: Mar 27

La Michoacana Purépecha

Do you want to explore the delicious and natural flavors that Michoacan, Mexico, has to offer? Look no further than La Michoacana Purepecha for tons of unique treats that will hold a special place in your heart as soon as you try them. For instance, the mangonada– a frozen mango smoothie mixed with a bit of delicious chamoy, topped with tajin for an extra limey kick, sipped through an infamous and delicious tamarind straw. Or perhaps you want to enjoy delicious fresh-cut watermelon, mango, and cucumber drizzled with chamoy. Maybe you want to enjoy simple strawberry ice cream with real strawberry chunks! This gem is an excellent dessert shop because of its unique cultural treats and savory cravings like Mexican hot Cheetos drizzled with nacho cheese. Whether you have a sweet or savory tooth, La Michoacana Purepecha is the place to go.

Address: 701 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN

Ichigo Tokyo Style Crepes

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Tokyo without leaving Minneapolis at Ichigo Tokyo Crepes, where tradition meets trends. This unique dessert spot is your gateway into exploring a popular Japanese street food that came to Harajuku in the 1970s. Mia Oi, the owner, infuses each crepe with a touch of her memories, transporting you to her vibrant childhood, as it inspired her to go from banker to baker when she brought this dessert spot to Minneapolis! The shop features sweet and savory crepes, with everything from decadent chocolate and fruit-filled delights to hearty, meal-worthy options with chicken, vegetables, and more. The most popular, must-try sweet options are the Tiramisu, Apple a La Mode, and Cream Brulee crepes, while many recommend their Chicken Sesame crepe for a more savory mood! You can also complement your tasty crepe with their assortment of sweet drinks, coffee, and Japanese snacks, so whatever you’re into, Ichigo Tokyo Crepes has it! Discover new tastes, textures, and traditions in a cozy setting that feels like a slice of Tokyo right in your backyard. 

Address: 5 West 34th St, Minneapolis, MN

Dearest Baker Macarons

Are you looking to find local authentic French macarons? Dearest Baker Macarons will exceed your expectations. This minority, women-owned, small business specializes in all types of macarons. Cynthia Lee, the owner of Dearest Baker Macarons, creates traditional French-styled macarons while channeling her South East Asian roots. She offers several unique flavors, some of her most popular flavors include Dragon fruit Lychee, Pandan Coconut, and Taro. Dearest Baker Macarons also offers macaron classes to teach the average Joe how to make these beautiful and delicate desserts. Dearest Baker Macarons specializes in custom orders, which range from jumbo Pokémon characters to dainty wedding macaron trees, they do it all. Next time you are in the Twin Cities, Dearest Baker Macarons should definitely be your next stop for a sweet treat.

Address: 955 Mackubin St, St. Paul MN

Taste of Scandinavia Bakery & Cafe

With multiple locations in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, Taste of Scandinavia Bakery & Cafe stands out with their traditional Nordic treats. With its rich tapestry of traditional flavors and recipes, this charming eatery offers a tantalizing glimpse into the sweet traditions of Scandinavia. Among its treasures is the Finnish delicacy Pulla, a tender and aromatic iced cardamom bread that delights the senses with every bite. One of their more unique options is the traditional Norwegian Lefse, a potato tortilla dessert that offers a perfect balance of sweetness and earthiness. Visitors can also taste the traditional Swedish Torte Cake, which captivates palates with its layers of decadent flavors and textures. At Taste of Scandinavia, guests are invited on a culinary journey through the Nordic countries that will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth. These are only a few of the delicious options at Taste of Scandinavia, so be sure to check out one of their three locations near the Twin cities!

Address: 2900 Rice St, Little Canada, MN

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