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West Bank's Winning Triad: The Top Three Must-Have Sides!

Sides are arguably some of the best dishes to have during a meal. Think of Thanksgiving – while the turkey might take center stage, it's the sides that truly elevate the feast to unforgettable heights! And this truth holds for any meal, on any occasion. So, here are our top three must-have sides you can find directly on West Bank of the UMN campus.


Chapati Bread at Afro Deli

Afro Deli is located 700 feet from the Carlson School of Management. The website includes a video of the owner saying, I came up with a version of African food mixed with Italian, French, Indian, and all that together becomes something that Minnesota would be proud of.” This multi-cultural cuisine has amazing reviews across the board, but the side of chapati bread tends to be a fan favorite. Expand your palette and run to Afro Deli’s to see if the chapati bread is worth the 5-star reviews.

Address: 1810 Riverside Avenue. Minneapolis, MN 55454


Veggie Samosas - Vegan at Tamu

Tamu is located 350 feet from the Carlson School of Management, just a two minute walk. Chef Jojo is very passionate about his work, mentioning that “food is a great way of sharing culture” and that he “cooks from the heart”. From the back story to his cooking philosophy, Tamu is one to support. Go check out all their amazing food, especially their side of veggie samosas to open your palette.

Address: 1829 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454


Baba Gannouj at Oasis Mediterranean Grill

Oasis Mediterranean Grill is 600 feet from the Carlson School of Management, which is a convenient walking distance for many UMN students. Its main focus is two things: Hard to locate ingredients around the world and customer satisfaction. It even has its very own grocery store and deli inside, so you can have a dine-in experience and a grocery trip! With many glowing reviews and a focus on authenticity, this place is rightfully raved about! Come on a journey with your taste buds and explore new horizons with their diverse menu of Mediterranean cuisine, especially their side of Baba Ganouj. To learn more about what Oasis has to offer, check out their website for menu information and what they are all about.

Address: 1939 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Now, there are a world of sides that was not discussed here, but we hope this inspires you to broaden your horizons of sides and try other cultural foods! Minneapolis is a hub of blended cultures and with that comes delicious side dishes, but these are some of our favorite sides close to campus! So, with that being said, what's your favorite side dish?

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The veggie samosas are awesome!


I will have to try some of that Baba Ganouj! Sounds really good


I’m always looking for new things to try!

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